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Getting not-hired at the University of Phoenix

February 8, 2010
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A recent post by Joshua Kim, blogger at’s “Technology and Learning” section, noted that he had not been allowed to progress through the University of Phoenix’s online instructor course.  In short, he was told he was not UofP material.  I think he should wear that as a badge of honor–you have a soul, dear sir, and we don’t want that sort around here…

Here is what I said:

The UofP is not interested in academics.  They are a business and business succeeds on conformity, of following orders, of passing the item on down the line.  Or at least that is one version of the business model, which is the one promulgated by the UofP.

Don’t feel poorly about not being let it–it is not a club you would much care for.  They don’t like free-thinking, will over-monitor your class, and, over time, suck your free-thinking spirit from you (watchOffice Space for some pop-reference insight).

The students at the UofP, at least the older ones (and there are a lot of non-trads) know the system, probably better than you, and a class can often twist into a management of policy (did I log in enough, did I write enough, my group didn’t do any of the work…).

Consider it a dodged bullet.

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  1. March 29, 2010 5:00 am

    Just found your blog. Been looking around on it for a place to leave a general comment…
    I’ve been adjuncting for 3 years at a community college. I have been trying to survive on the pay, and going through a divorce and major medical traumas at the same time, both of which have practically killed me financially & emotionally. I have no health care and through it all I keep adjucnting.

    I know your pain!

    Anyway, it was interesting to read some of your posts. I just wrote a post about a adjuncting on my blog, (my blog which has been primarily about divorce…) Check out that post if you have a sec. I’d love to hear from fellow adjuncts!

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