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Confessions of a home-schooler | Salon Life

December 9, 2009
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Andrew O’Hehir, usually’s film/art critic, hit upon an interesting social phenomenon–having your home-schooled kids out during the day when all the other kids are in school : Confessions of a home-schooler | Salon Life.

I am in full teacher mode at home, moving to the halfway point in my second year on the job.  We do multiplication drills, sentence identification, parts of speech, and cooking.  We also have gone to a pottery studio and spun some bowls and cups (or depending on use, both).

Like O’Hehir, people approach all the time wondering why our child is not in school.  Going on nine, she is obviously of school age.  She has gotten to the point she just rolls her eyes and says “homeschool.”  As if that is enough.

Most of the time, it is.

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