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Kicking a hornet’s nest

August 3, 2009
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I have had three articles published by InsideHigherEd.  Thank you.  Yes.  I am still dealing with that fall-out (sell out?).

My first two got relatively benign responses–pointing out a typo here, wondering about an idea there, but neither got the flames that today’s post has received.  It seems, in describing how to off-load some of the admin work, that I have sounded the faults of a few of our fellow faculty.  To wit, I was called unethical (for what I have no idea—since when is paying one’s mortgage unethical), unprofessional (again, how?) and a plagiarist (that person has been to this site before…but didn’t actually understand what one means by the use of the term).

So, if you want to see a flame war (which I unfortunately may have slipped up and helped out with my own water-balloon of gasoline), go here.

What do you think?

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One Comment
  1. eternallyviolet permalink
    September 2, 2009 4:28 am

    As a fellow adjunct, I can find no reason why you received such a hostile response to your HigherEd article. I mean, seriously, some of us *have* to teach at more than one institution to make ends meet.

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