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Academia 2.0 meet Web 2.0

March 24, 2009
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Many academics have responded to the challenges by being more focused and, ironically, by reading less than in the past. After all, with professional rewards focused on productivity rather than receptivity, many realize that additional publications are more important career-wise than keeping up with the journal literature and reading the latest academic books, save for those germane to their current research

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To which I replied:

I appreciate the subject here, and Coates points out the massive info-porn (which, at a certain point, it becomes) assault quite well.  Good start on a worthy subject.

To move forward, we need to pick up on the tenure-demand and ask again what it is that would really make up a tenure-able professor.  50 years ago model does not, in the Twitter-age, hold.  The context has changed.

Also, academia needs to embrace the tools of Web 2.0.  Coates referred to Academia 2.0, but aside from the roided supply side, there is not much difference in the general structure (the use of adjuncts notwithstanding).  So, where are the 2.0 tools?  Web collaboration (WIKI, blogs, etc.), given the right peer-review sort of sense, could make wonderful, and accessible, pockets of discussion, debate and collaboration.  We are, frankly, doing that right here in comments.

It is time to be creative in the use of tools.  If we are asea, then we need to build a better boat.

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