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Having a hard time at the MLA

February 8, 2009

OK, the pun that titles this post isn’t the most mature.  Juvenile to the utmost…

InsideHigherEd provides a nice synopsis of a MLA seminar where the hook-up culture of academic conferences was recently explored.  Providing a list of 8 types, one panelist attempted to provide a schematic for getting down.

I had the article up in my Firefox window for a few days, reading only the title and then getting distracted by other windows, my taxes, etc., which had me thinking about the article without actually having read it.

I imagined recurrent hook-ups of monogomous, married people, much like that movie with Alan Alda, which I can’t remember (“Same Time Next Year”?).  Sadly, this particular hook-up didn’t make the list, which seemed to deal only with the gay and marginalized.

Too bad.  I remember, not an MLA, a CCCC (the MLA’s poor relative) conference I went to as a graduate student, where I was, in a druken state (the best type to watch Composition instructors dance) picked up by a black-dyed, banged hair-cut radical feminst who would quote a lot of Irigaray.  Good times.

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