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What you can expext from online teaching

January 28, 2009

I occasionally get a few comments from folks linking or finding my archived Blogger blog (whose entire contents were ported into here).

Here is a relatively recent comment, culled from my over-flowing inbox:

I’ve been teaching online for the last four years, and I have never meet any online instructor (excuse me, “facilitator”) with benefits that come close to those associated with tenure. It is readily apparent that online teaching in general is a technological/academic sweatshop. Get this: one of the online classes I teach, and it is graduate class, by the way, pays me the same $2,000 today that it did when I started teaching the class back in July 2005. Since then, that $2,000 (which is a gross—before taxes–amount) has lost $200.00 in purchasing power. What I tell aspiring online instructors is that they must be technically agile and they must lower their economic expectations. Still, I admit freely I would rather teach than eat pie.

Thanks for the note, Dapper Fellow.

I am not sure, though, why eating pie is so bad…

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