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How much do you make?

January 28, 2009

Another Blogger comment misdirected, this time about making money:

I have to agree that the suit claiming to pull down $100K in online teaching is likely blowing smoke. However, as noted by another poster to this thread, with keen hunting and comparison, I’ve found steady employment of 6 online required courses a year with a small parochial college and receive $3000 per 6-week course with enrollment cap of 15 students. The university uses BlackBoard 8, so I’m able to mix in quizzes with papers – thus, the workload is decent. I work fulltime and am able to instruct on the nights and weekends. As my family and I travel during the summer, I seldom teach in June, July or August. I’ve also taught for other “universities” and made sometimes as little as $1000 for a 4-week course – and with rosters of up to 18 students – those days are over. At $3000 per course, I think I’m doing pretty good – and its 100% of my curriculum – nothing packaged and then prescribed to me. I would be interested in some type of comparison of other online teaching compensation rates – but I won’t divulge the names of the institutions for which I’ve instructed — Go Adjuncts!

So, anyone have any other figures to through about?

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  1. brokeharvardgrad permalink
    February 2, 2009 9:39 pm

    i would be interested to see the figures adjusted for inflation. The rate of inflation has jumped even in the last year. I figured the numbers like this:
    7 sections of a 6-week class= $14,000/year for one class. Maybe you could make $16,000/ year. Even if you did 4 of those 6 week classes concurrently, you would still only make $64,000/year.

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