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A new Crush

December 5, 2008

A new, upstart blog has caught my eye:

Snarky and engaging, I think I will add to my blogroll.

Free offering from her site:

In order to even get something fixed, you have to go to a dealership. Who likes dealership guys? They always come across as trying to cheat me, and as a female, I never feel comfortable in the dealerships. Who wants to walk into the auto version of a big game room with “trophy” cars everywhere sold by men who can’t afford them and are certain we women don’t know how to drive them? Less dealerships? Good riddance.

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  1. Charles Richburg permalink
    December 24, 2008 4:14 pm

    What advice would you have for someone who is 58 years old with over 25 years in the human services arena who’s interested in teaching at the college level? I live 5 minutes from New York City.


    B.A.-Social Science
    M.S.-Counseling-Pace University, New York City
    Ed.M.-Columbia University (Teachers College)-New York City
    Specialization-Adult Learning and Leadership (currently enrolled)

    Primary Objective: To work with Black Male Adolescents and Adults.

    Thank you!

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