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Just in case you are still pursuing an English degree

December 19, 2007

You might want a good fall-back.

For 2007-8, positions in English are expected to be down 4.1 percent (full article here)

But, the article goes on to say, it isn’t as bad as the mid-90’s… whew, anything but the mid-90’s.

They do not, though, take into account that not all “positions” are created equal:

A key issue for both sectors is that many of the jobs being listed (and likely a larger share of those that are not advertised) are off the tenure track. Continuing a trend of recent years, the percentage of full-time, tenure-track assistant professor jobs (those most sought by new Ph.D.’s for whom the MLA meeting next week is a crucial part of the quest for employment) was 63.6 percent in English and 54.1 percent in languages.

Continuing a trend…indeed.

Take a computer class or five. You will need it.

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