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Where have you been?

November 2, 2007

A recent comment asked:


You are burnt out! No posts for 28 days? Where are you? What’s happened? Where is your life going?

Actually, my last “post” was Tuesday, October 02, 2007. But the point is well taken. Where the hell am I?

I have only just returned, in time for trick-or-treating with a wicca-Pookie, from a grueling training road-trip. Here are the sites in successive weeks: Atlanta; San Diego (just a few weeks before the fires); Laurel, MD; Manassas, VA; Burlington, NJ. …and, boy, are my arms tired.

Leading adult training five days a week for five weeks can really suck ones soul dry. Especially fi the material was created by someone else who had no idea of adult instructional design.

But, those days are done. No more being home only a day and a half on the weekends. No more late Sunday trips out to foreign lands and late Friday nights driving home. And, I had only one direct flight. Heard the horror stories of air travel lately? They are all TRUE!

I expect to get back into snarky form quickly. Welcome back everyone.


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