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I regret the evolutionary need of religion, at least on this point

May 21, 2007

I have no longer posted about the Darwinian demand for religion, then I read something like this, and I seriously rethink my whole proposition.

Newt leave-my-dying-wife-for-my-secretary Gingrich spoke to the graduates of Liberty University four days after Falwell became less well bemoaning things like the following (I expurgate at my pleasure):

In our hours of desperation, both as individuals and as a country we return to our founding truths, time and again.

Even today, these truths continue to sustain and guide us. In this age we face the irreconcilable wing of Islam, an enemy who does not believe that God created all men equal by right. According to their evil ideology, the Islamist believes that justice is only owed to fellow Islamists–while the rest of humanity (even fellow Muslims) has no rights.

I wonder if he means the founding truths of Jamestown or of Plymouth? I wonder if he means religious intolerance or a growing economy built on slave labor? Yes, I love America, but one should not be so blind to its failings.

Also, the Bible is not the text one should reach for when arguing about equality. Paul okayed slavery (“slaves obey your masters” and told women to basically keep their place). But I should just let me keep defining an boogey-man Islamist Radical.

Just as with the Nazis and the Communists, darkness is again falling across the earth, and it is again the calling of America to light her moral lamps, and place them out, for all the nations to see.

Radical Islam are now the Nazis…and I guess he is trying to allude to Stalin, but on the whole the Communist were rather poor worker drones, toiling away. Why bring them into this?

In hostility to American history, the radical secularist insists that religious belief is inherently divisive, and that public debate can only proceed on secular terms when religious belief is excluded.

Yes, yes, the poor Christians, marginalized from public office (White House, Senate, Supreme Court), seats of influence (SecDec) and controlling numbers all over the land. Yes, the discrimination is real. Yes, yes, yes. The radical secularists (what is a radical secularist, btw?) are shouting out the debate of school prayer, creationism, and good-ole, American self-righteousness.

Well, there is a long history of the last…and it is good to know that Gingrich is joining right in.

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  1. Anastasia permalink
    May 22, 2007 12:33 am

    m generally in favor of religion but can i just say yuck?

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