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My second letter

March 31, 2007

My second letter went much better. Here is it, redacted and annotated.

Dear PPP (and I doubt that): [I really am. Even though I have forgone teaching for the time being in order to pull in some decent cash, my student loans, credit debt, mortgage, etc. put me in the red for long into the foreseeable future.]

Great blog site! [I blush] I teach at a community college, but I’m full time. Still, in the CC environment it is often difficult to tell the difference. [I actually give you and yours a lot of credit. CC teaching is its own field of glory and frustration.]

I’ve added you to me “must visit” list. Thanks. [And my thanks to you. You made my day.]

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 19, 2007 6:35 pm

    i can barely read this.
    the black background is
    a questionable choice
    even with the white type;
    with the red you can forget it.

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