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Another quick update

September 6, 2006

Another quick update:

  • My consulting project in Near Big Town comes to an end after almost a year.  It has enabled me to spend nights at home.  I will miss that.
  • Next week I begin a consulting project in Gotham Burb.  I will not be home every night.  I don’t think I, Pookie or Lovely Wife will like that at all.
  • Pookie went to kindergarten yesterday.  I was able to be there to help her adjust.  I did, though, argue with the principle.  Not a good start for dad.  Good start for Pookie.
  • Memaw is doing the same, which is not as good as my grandmother should be doing.  
  • Change is everywhere.
  • One of my adjuncting colleges is introducing new measures (standardization) which is new and disturbing.  I hope it is a trend they move to avoid—Rising College has the market on that, and I didn’t like it there.
  • I will be back on the road, which means lots of food on the go, airports and lonely hotels.  Why can’t I make money in the field I studied? At home? With my family?

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