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the adventures of dr. diana york blaine: The Strange Saga of JonBenet Ramsey

August 21, 2006

If you are curious about the state of feminist application on current events (not just thoery), read the following: The Strange Saga of JonBenet Ramsey

If you want to get an idea at the virulent response such application of feminist theory will, ahem, engender, read the comments.

I find Dr. Diana’s take engaging. There may be some simplification or overstatement, but she generally is right on target.

Personally, I don’t question this guy’s motive for confessing. That is, when a case is broken by a professor’s communication to the suspect about the case, I see it just as plausible that he is confessing for other reasons than being the perpetrator. Of course, others know much more about the case than I.

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