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ABDmom: In the Middle

June 20, 2006

I am struck with pangs of jealousy reading ABDmom’s struggle with her advisors here.

To be 17 days away from the whole thing being over…I can’t imagine.

One of the largest mental blocks I have at the moment is figuring out how to compile a list of current research on my topic. I don’t think there is any work directly on it…there may be some tangential work sort of related, but nothing I have found that is directly. I feel like it is a cop-out to gloss over that section of the prospectus, that maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough.

I guess that is my real excuse. Living in Really Small Town I have little to no access to a Real Library, and great struggles arise in finding resources “worthy” online.

There is, I guess, always the option of a road trip…


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