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Law of Unintended Consequences

June 12, 2006

Law of Unintended Consequences: Kid-only Ringtones

Apparently someone has taken advantage of aging ears and created a ringtone that adults cannot hear. Why? You say? Because it is so much fun to stick it to the man.

Let’s start at the beginning. Salon reports that kids have discovered a “mosquito” ringtone that is pitched at a level that aging ears cannot hear. Don’t believe it? Go here and listen. [Update: I went back to the site with Lovely Wife, and I hear the damn thing…] Hear anything? I didn’t, and I checked the sites other tones (thinking this could all be some huge scam—found this one though). My 5 year old will may be able to hear it–I will test tonight.

Who would come up with such a thing? Enterprising youths? No. Old, disgruntled shopkeepers hoping to shoo away loitering teens. [Hear an interview with the inventor Howard Stapleton of the “Mosquito Teen Repeller”] In order to annoy the teens but not the adults, the Mosquito noise was born. Now, turning to the blackboard enables text messaging to “chime” in.

Be visually aware, because Old Man you can’t hear a thing. ( Happy Aging.


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