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We are going to war with poor Mexicans

May 16, 2006

We are going to war against poor Mexicans.*

Or at least, W is wanting to mobilize against them.  Not everyone, mind you, just the border state’s National Guard.  Those not on overseas deployment (like Louisiana’s during Katrina).  Who knew that one weekend a month and two weeks a year would call for so much from so few?

But back to the Mexicans.  Why is it that we have a longer border to the north, but we are not afraid of illegal Canadians?  They are more likely to be white?  Are we that brown-phobic?  Is it Speedy Gonzalez versus Dudley DoRight?  

I was raised in a Texas town (there is a movie about a local high school) where I was the minority (47% to the 49% majority).  I wonder now which one of my classmates were the children of felons (if the House gets its way)?  Which ones was I supposed to be hating?  Because of course I am supposed to hate them because they are so vile that we need to send in soldiers with guns to keep them out…to keep us safe.

Of course, we can’t institute policy to help the economies of our neighbors to the south.  That would be too expensive.  Besides, we spent all of our kid’s money on a necessary war in the Middle East.  

My good friend lived with a young Mexican woman and her child in San Antonio a few years ago.  Chole was undocumented.  Sergio, her 3 year old boy, was born in the states.  She was watching daytime TV to learn English.  He husband worked construction because it is easy to pay under the table in construction.  She had a great outside shot playing HORSE in the backyard.  I wonder how she developed such an outside shot?  Surely they don’t’ have basketball hoops in Mexico.  

*Severe sarcasm alert, for the web-reading impaired.


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