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Random Monday morning

May 8, 2006

An assortment of pissy and then not-so-pissy thoughts:

* Professor poopy-head’s once interesting study of studiousness has turned into class-based lament over the loss of “big thoughts.” This, too, has a long history. Defensive and oppositional, (s)he seems bent on exploring well-worn and ideological paths. Moving on.

* The recent plagiarism scandal of Kaavya Viswanathan gets more interesting when the facts of the young author’s life come to light. Behind the Ivy Brand, there lies many a twisted scheme for therein lives the life of privilege. Actually, my own students probably claim most of the same “reasons” for the plagiarism: pressure to succeed (GPA=good job and happy life), recognition, lack of time (“I work full time, you see, and my kids need…”, societal pressure, etc…

* Bitch PhD comes through with an interesting and relevant post for bloggers. A must read.

* I am not alone in my particular situation.


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