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Maybe Baby…

May 1, 2006

Lovely Wife is sick again…Six years ago we spent countless hours attempting to confirm a pregnancy through every over-the-counter urine test we could find—often multiple times—often multiple times in one morning.

It took 6 weeks before Pookie showed up on a stick, and that was only after we had a blood test indicating that she was percolating. That blood test was performed in ER as we awaiting pain medication for kidney stones (a nice, little side effect of pregnancy—she ended up passing 7 over the next year).

The last two weeks we have “failed” 7-10 (I lose count) urine tests. Yet, the same feelings of uncontrollable nausea greet her every morning, staying around until after midnight. She is drinking large quantities of liquids, so the urine tests are no surprise.

Oh, last Friday we purchased health insurance. We have gone without for two straight years—not by choice. Since I adjunct and consult, we have not been able to afford this “perk.” As long as my current project holds, we will be covered. The project was initially scheduled to end June 1, but I have a tentative extension (verbal, but with no guarantees.)

LW just called. I have to feed the fish. Apparently the smell of the fish food, the tank or some combination is too much. She got off the phone “to puke.” She has called 6 times in the last half hour. She says that she is a “little scattered.”

I can’t thank her enough for the sacrifices she makes for my family.

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  1. The Combat Philosopher permalink
    May 3, 2006 3:25 am

    Oy! PPP, I have posted a follow up to your post over in the land of Professor Zero. Check it out.

    The Combat Philosopher

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