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My current state

April 19, 2006

My current state…

I am teaching an online section of intro comp.  It is not much fun.  The students won’t talk, the assignments are format and grammar…no fun there.

I am also working on a project that seems to have been extended beyond the initial three months.  That means that I might possibly be able to catch up on the overdue bills and maybe, dare I dream, get a little put away—or at least start paying down the debt load.

Working full time, though, means that I don’t really have the time, nor inclination, to work on the dissertation.  This is causing conflict, both within myself and with spouse.  But, would it really be worth the effort?  I think I have a cool topic; one that may be parlayable to an actual book…but do I sacrifice at-home time in endless research and writing all for a degree that will allow me to accept jobs only in other cities at a much lower rate than I can get when I am on project? (The rub is that I don’t consistently have projects)

I know that I have been putting off working on it—I have yet to cement my committee—and I have a prospectus due.  Part of the birth of this blog is due in part to needing a channel for the energy that my dissertation should be using.  I need a distraction, and this seemed like a good one.  


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