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Confession is good for the soul

April 11, 2006

Confession is good for the soul

Okay, I have to admit this up front.  I work in a cube.  In fact, I am on project, swept away for need of money into the world of commerce.  I haven’t read a book in months…at least nothing literary.  Wallace Stevens seems so much more identifiable at the moment.

I am actually working for a corporate university.  My recent comment to Dean Dad forces this full confession.  I remarked how his outside expert really didn’t add value.  I found myself streaming this litany of consultant-speak about “solutions” and “value” and meeting the client’s core needs…and a sense of self-loathing crept in.  I have become a suit.

Sort of.  I consult, which may or may not be a suit.  I have no promise of pay outside of my short-term contract (much like adjuncting—actually, a lot like adjuncting), no benefits and still no health insurance.  In fact, consulting as an Instructional Designer for a corporate university is exactly like adjuncting.  I build courses (which I sometimes teach) for students, just mine are usually a bit older and in manufacturing (for all of you who bitch about whiny 18 year olds, try whiny 40 somethings).

Yet, I like what I do.  I think that going into a new environment, soaking in the structure, politics and needs and then advocating a workable and affordable solution is kind of cool.  It is satisfying, and it pays way better than academics.

This is what I throw back and forth as I put off the e-mails to my dissertation committee…do I really want/need the final degree.  What value will it really add to me?


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