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Reassigned Time: Voices

April 6, 2006

I quote at length here because it is so well said:

Reassigned Time: Voices: But as I was working on the article last week and writing in my diary after a night of working on it and thinking about the blog in relation to journal or diary-writing and my academic writing, I think I realized that what blogging has enabled me to do is to experience the development of a writing voice in a sustained and public way.

I think this speaks to my reasons for beginning the blog too. I struggled with what to call it, what voice to assign, what content to focus on, etc…

I finally decided to be open about my frustration and anger about the feelings of betrayal of academia, to allow some room for my lost faith and happy agnosticism and to vent in a specific and tangible way about politics or social/class events.

As I write this, I don’t think that I have been true to that this week. I have felt forced, and I have not posted well. So, I will be true to my inner demons, and I will set them free.

Get ready.


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