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Some thoughts on outsourcing

March 31, 2006

Some thoughts on outsourcing.

I have had some opportunities to work in IT, where the average worker is on a visa work permit.  One client I worked with employed 50 foreign nationals from India to write the code for their ERP implementation.  They were corralled, literally, in a part of the building in long tables with seats.  I don’t know if they had to provide their own laptop or not.  

They were the ones I saw (and occasionally chatted with).  It is now much easier and cheaper to just hire them from their home.  Point is, the grunt code work is carried by outsourcing to a large degree…and code work ain’t easy.  Try an experiment.  If you are using Internet Explorer (and if you are I’m sorry), follow the menu path: view ( source.  While I have played with HTML for years, I still like the WYSIWYG interfaces.  Code hurts my head.  And that is just the relatively easy code of the web…what of some of the more arcane coding languages out there like ABAP (the code of SAP)?  

Outsourcing works because there are people in the world who take the time and effort to learn and master the skills that are hard…and they are willing to do it cheaper than our neighbors in the US.  Is this a bad thing?  Wrong question…is this something that will hurt me, specifically, is more to the point.  Depends on their English language skills.


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