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Academic outsourcing

March 31, 2006

Academic outsourcing

I think that in the outsourcing debate (actually, the “debate” seems to be a lot of finger-pointing and fear mongering) academics have had a relatively secure feeling of assurance that their service (and education is a service, just ask the students) cannot be replicated.

That is a false feeling.  With the rise of the educated class in India and China (not to mention anywhere else with an internet connection), there will be a growing class of eager academics who are just as smart (if not more) than the smarter Americans who can step in and teach the content of the average college course.  Think of that.

As non-American academics brush up on their English, they will position themselves as the true frontier of online education.  Will this be bad?  Will education suffer?  Will adjuncting be that much more difficult of a lifestyle (I dare not say profession)?

What do you think?


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