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The Church of Christ–a horror story

March 24, 2006

I don’t know if any of you know much about the Church of Christ. They would be technically labeled an evangelical fundamental church, meaning they seek aggressively to convert and they take, often, a strictly literal interpretation to the Bible. In fact, their approach, or hermeneutic, comes, often, in three parts:
1. Direct command
2. Divine example
3. Necessary inference (a handy catch all)

I was reminded of all of this by this story about a preacher’s (they are not referred to as ministers) murder yesterday in Tennessee (a hotbed of CofCs).

I lift this quote from an elder (sort of like a ruling council of old men who run the place–each church is theoretically autonomous, unlike the neighboring Baptist) about the quality of their preacher (they don’t use pastor either–don’t even think about priest). The elder, in typical CofC fashion lauds:

“He seemed like he was real happy here, and we were happy with him,” Ash said. “He preached the Bible. He didn’t make his opinions known on what was popular or what was politically right. He just preached the Bible.”

I shudder at the memories…


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