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We have met the enemy

January 30, 2006

We have met the enemy…

One of the lower level of Hell is becoming what you hate.  

I have wondered for a while about the nature of the insurgent enemy.  Who are these people that can chop off a head for their cause?  What sort of men/animals are they?  I cringed as I watched the net-replay of the contractor being beheaded (my god, I can’t even remember his name…more on that later), and wonder about the utter lack of humanity.  

I hear about the contractors being killed and burned and their bodies hung from a trellis bridge…and I wonder how can people do that to one another.

Then Abu Graib…and the occasional AP story which recounts the allegation that Coalition Forces have used wives as bait to pull in suspected insurgents.  

Jill Carroll was abducted by a new brand of insurgents, gaining support from even hardliners.  Why would this new band of guys want her?  I guess that stealing a woman from the other side was not an original trick…


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