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Marketing to women

January 25, 2006

Marketing to women

I just thumbed through the newer issue of Wired magazine, and I noticed an article about electronic stores catering more toward women (blond wood floors—read as attention to décor as apposed to looks-like a store-room Radio Shack, women sales staff, etc.).  

The article seemed to think this was a radical way to open up a niche market.  Obviously they have never heard of “ladies night.”  Come on, you cater to the ladies and the men will follow.  And this is not a bad thing.  Attention to a store’s lighting, color and layout will only benefit us all.  Why?  Let me say this.  I can dress myself.  However, I look better when my wife lays out an outfit.  Why?  Because I don’t care as much that this belt sets off those shoes or that flat front khakis slim me more than pleats.  That is, I don’t care so much until I am assembled and walking around, getting one more look than ever I do when I assemble myself.  Think of it as my very own Queer Eye, only she’s not gay.  I, on the other hand, seem to be as hapless as those subjects on the show.

Back to marketing toward women…one of my long-term projects is to open a restaurant here in town (anyone with half a mil to spare, come my way).  In order to ensure its success, I would make it a welcoming and comfortable place for women to gather.  For where the women gather, therein lies security.  If a woman feels safe, then almost all men will.  If a woman will take her child to a place, then she will feel free to go there again and again.  

And face it, where the women go, men go.  It may be to hold a hand bag while she shops, but men go along.   If there is food and atmosphere, much money will be outlaid.  Market to the ladies…its all good from there.


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